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Q. Is it really easy to use?

A. Yes! With just a click, you will be able to add engaging animations to any of your elements on your page. If you get stuck, we have handy tutorials to walk you through the processes from start to finish.

Q. Does this work on PC & Mac?

A. Yes, as it's created and used as a WordPress Plugin, it can be accessed by any system that connects to the internet.

Q. Will someone show me or help me install and use this plugin?

A. Actually, we have created video 7 PDF tutorials to walk you through each and every step. But if you get stuck, you can also reach out to our Support Desk (via the ticketing system) and we will be ready to help you out.

Q. Is it compatible with my website?

A. As long as your site is using WordPress, then it will work with any theme and any page builder.

100% Money Back Guarantee

And of course…ANIMATIO is 100% guaranteed, if you try our plugin, use it and don't think it's one of the coolest apps you've ever seen. Just ask us for your money back . . . and we'll refund your payment.

*Please Note: ANIMATIO is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel access immediately, and remove functionality from existing installations*